B.o.B – After Hourzzz

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B.o.B – After Hourzzz Lyrics

[Intro]Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up [Chorus]Umm, after hour (Hahahaha)
Umm, after hour
Umm, after hour (Oh wow)
Umm, after hour

[Verse 1]Clink clink, woke up with a drink, aye
Don’t blink, lookin’ for your boo hide and seek, aye
Roll that shit pronto
Kush O.J. Bronco
Pass that shit, Rondo
Not your ho, my ho
Sh-sh-she-she bloom like a flower off that whiskey sour
And she lit in Vegas in the Encore Tower
She know I can only lick it after showers
Keisha fucked Tommy and Belly and empowered
No no no, my eyes ain’t low
It’s just the way my eyes go
Fitbit, gon’ work out at home
She’s squat this pole like cardio
Two-two-two wheel Bobby gotta jumping doing flips
Front flips, back flips, ooh, poor mattress
We just cracked a tablеt, feeling xantastic
[Chorus]Umm, after hour (Hahahaha)
Umm, after hour
Umm, after hour (Oh wow)
Umm, aftеr hour [Verse 2]The sun went down, and your ho showed up
Do it in a circle like donuts
Thought she was sweet, I knew she was freak
But hey man, it takes one to know one
Party in the hills, party on pills
That’s why she can’t keep still
Nigga be fake, but the hate be real
Somebody tell the broke niggas chill
Ass all fake, but it feels so real
Fuck it, I’m still gon’ drill
Say she on go and she gon’ go ha-hard yes sir, I bet she will
I’m just tryna get into her bed, she just tryna get into my will
I’m rollin’ on two wheels, so bitch don’t tell me chill
I don’t drill, ’bout to spill, she tryna get a refill
Walls gotta get rebuilt
Lookin’ for that nigga, he here
Tell her I hit it all night
And I was being so sincere
Said that she celibate, I know she sell a bit
Act like I never trick, she wants some evidence
She been tryna smash since the Elements
[Chorus]Umm, after hour (Hahahaha)
Umm, after hour
Umm, after hour (Oh wow)
Umm, after hour

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