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SYNOPSIS : Ikenna (Toosweet Ann) and his wife Oma (Calista Okonkwo) love and cherish each other so much they decided to embark on a journey of no return.

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Foreign Hey hey hey hey hey hey my brother with his own imaginable behaviors he just wake up and started shouting for no reason I ran out of the compound there is nothing now nothing in this house so it’s are you sure he’s not getting mad huh hey hello okay Take it down you will like it you like it Mama thank you so much but my wife and I here just finished eating before coming to see you she has been overfeeding me since our traditional marriage how much is you see this girl she wants to kill me with food well fed

But that would not stop you from eating my own if you eat my own and O is not the same thing about you or my promise when next we’re coming I will make sure I come on an empty stomach so that I can eat your food well I’m waiting for you

It’s okay my mom it came is right though if you see the amount of food we ate before coming here in fact he came at the biggest portion you know how he does we just finished eating before we decided to come and see you and Papa soon um

The reason why we are here is to inform you and Papa that I will be going to visit my friend I want to surprise him with my wife you want the whole world to see her over here mama I need to show my wife off look at her she’s beautiful she’s amazing

Smart Charming I am your hype man Mama tell him this is what he does all the time if I don’t do it you are scrumptious became a deficious Okay let me hide my wife to this meeting did not yield anything positive at all this is why sometimes I feel reluctant calm down nothing good comes easy our lion is faced with a lot of challenges we do not have King neither do we have a mediator between us the living

And our ancestors do you think things will go easily for us that is it that is it how then do we tackle our problems huh how do you think we can tackle our problems oh sorry how are you coping nah now you have seen Hannah this is what goes on every day

She lives in pain okay severe pains sorry everything will be fine my dear don’t give up they still hope all of seem to be lost oh hold your peace my daughter and hold your peace you are not the only one going through this other women are passing through the same thing but hopefully

Solution shall come please hold your face it’s okay now let me take her from you hear my son take her home gently no one should give up everything will be fine hey see what that meant you see what I mean women carry pregnancy during pregnancy for more than the due time of delivery

From where the water entered the property Foreign Foreign you see your life vibrant young men like you are out there working hard and making money yours is to be sleeping under this hot sun to be to be dreaming of of ghosts but wait a minute were you running away from the from the ghosts okay

Well I’m telling you that I saw two romantic ghost but if I run go here why no that’s one is now if I try to go here one of money you be there where the ghost should have even death with you because you are useless so where’s my business would they do

Get out of my way This is delicious you like it do I like it are you trying to under reach your cooking I love it it is really nice thank you what you you really know how to place myself thank you so much for appreciating my cookie and thank you for always making

Delicious meals like this for me you’re welcome you’re not just beautiful you have all it takes to be called a queen no no please I must know something don’t let this food choke me let me just yes that’s it hmm oh Foreign Good morning chief Mr lazy idiot imagine the time you are waking up this morning it’s too early it’s too early for this please are you okay are you okay cleaning your face come on go and go and give me food to eat I’m hungry brother you have to wait let

Me finish sweeping the compound so I can go and warm the food is it say it again is it good if I want that body there if I wipe this opportunity upon me now what is the problem my daughter what is it he said he wants to eat and I told him

To wait let me finish sweeping the compass so I can go and warm the food shut up she just said the right thing you want to say something imagine the time you woke up but why are we shut up I am talking what have you done this morning that we’re hungry

You woke up you did not even bother brush your mouth not to talk of washing your face now you are talking of hunger we will give her that room now let her continue with her work come on give out the blue Leave me alone When you’re done with what you are doing eh you want the food sorry for that disturbance I’m here yes baby how are you I’m fine how are you I’m fine um I can see that you’re getting ready to go sick for Daily Bread as always came I just want you to know your

That should the best husband any woman can ever wish for and I love you I love you too and I want you to know that you are the best of the bestest of the bestesters and I’m the best best [Laughter] hmm oh my God you’re cute I miss me you’re very sweet delicious

So happy I see Joy there’s something I want to ask you what is it how much will I give to you now and your heart will be cool how much will I give you and you’ll be very happy how much my love you know you know I love you you deep

Down my heart and I know you really love me too I don’t need money or anything to make this love work all I need is your true love and that’s all through love go Blue through love I know women have money you see this thing I’m

Saying I don’t need you I don’t need your money this one is the original fake life that you people used to bring first once you see a rich guy now your real life will come yeah leave that area I know your love is mixed with money how much do you want in

Fact how much will I give to you and I want to give you money how much do you want wait wait wait were you not the one who told me a day before yesterday that you don’t have money so how comes your financially buoyant to spend yesterday and today happy day before you

Sit down today December are they the same I said I want to give you money okay okay anything you have is fine by me yes why am I even talking too much again we’re not here let me shock you hey how many pieces of fishes do you want

Anything you give me from this I’m I’m fine and I’m okay with it one two three four five six seven eight solve all your problem wow all your problem in life is of it all this for me is all your problem in life solve it that’s why I love you

Hey that’s it thank you so much so much money we’re dealing too much money all your problems don’t remember I know thank you so much That is so thoughtful who do we have here I’m back everyone how are you mama she came to ask if there’s anything she will do for us Actually again you have to cook a favorite [ __ ] for me let me sweep everything did anybody look for me oh you’re welcome my dear so when exactly are you going to the place uh maybe tomorrow or next I don’t know but I just want to inform you so you know bye

Just be very careful and take good care of my daughter as a matter of fact protect my daughter-in-law for me I will so when are you coming back we plan to come back the same day yeah that’s good yeah so yes Buddha Lisa you guys have to make

Sure you return the same day it’s very important to me oh it’s not it’s not it’s not anything so that you know I will know my alternative in case you and your daughter want to stop me you know me and me and stuff and we don’t have the same power of life

We’re a big full frog come on okay okay so um like I was saying we’re coming back the same day we don’t intend to stay long because there’s no points Kim yeah the journey is tomorrow is it not proper we just call him and at least let him know we’ll be coming no

See I want to surprise him while we’re getting close to his house then I’ll call him and what if he’s not at home when you get there he’s always at home the only thing that will take him out of the house is his usual Journey to the Urban Market and

It’s not a daily market so trust me what I say you’ll be at home okay if you say so I say so I can’t remember can I go to bed now I feel sleepy and the queen is ready to sleep okay the Korea is ready to take you to the bathroom

You know what time it is oh my God Foreign foreign Thank you Get down Thank you Foreign I am going to see a fellow Elder to discuss something important okay but by just that the sun is too hot too why not just leave it that would be fine okay you worry too much Papa hey Papa I told you not to go I go insisted now you see you’ve insured your

Toe sorry this is not ordinary I am sensing something is wrong somewhere is ordinary stop taking all these things it’s ordinary just an accident going thank you I’m standing on the wrong way feels like I’m waiting for nobody Sometimes life is so bad hello My dear but what really happened to your head my dear I don’t know yeah I got this friend hey stop this truck I had so hard again but there was no one around us there that you like because of turning your head nice this is more spiritual Than Physical

This is more spiritual Than Physical spiritual Aqua my heart beats so fast Why are you sounding so confused you’re saying many things at the same time you mean I feel something is wrong but I cannot see any blood in here let me check check what my heart my heart my heart not hurt again now that dude hey hey The wrong people see the people when they don’t care boy [Applause] God you don’t see anything when you see interrupt if you decide for this life you know go give them amen whatever wickedness is this yes foreign there’s a place in my heart only you can

Take it and there’s a space in my heart just for you when the world is falling down Falling in Love Them see you morning oh boy mm-hmm today see another one two four seven every day you come you come through for me hey I have nothing what did I do this is life Too cause I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You with you my word is all right with you I cannot live without you no one can take your place you are the center you’re the center of my life always I would never let you go even in there till we be together

Nothing can separate us can separate us oh to you I promise


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